“In high school, you’re playing in front of your peers. You’re playing in front of your community. Perhaps you have a different role on that team than you do with your club team. You’re usually having to take a leadership role—there’s just so many positives to it that I love.”—Julie Foudy, former U. S. women’s national team captain, two-time FIFA women’s World Cup champion, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and current ESPN analyst.
The Dynamos are proud of our players participating on their respective high school teams, another important step in their development, citizens and athletes. Many are taking leadership roles with their teams, and numerous Dynamos are team captains. Here is an updated list of the more than 100 Dynamos players taking part in high school programs:
Ethan Anderson Bridgeland varsity
Cameron Bale Bridgeland junior varsity
Emma Bar Tomball Memorial varsity
Elizabeth Basta Langham Creek junior varsity
Briana Beaty, Tomball Memorial varsity
Morgan Beene Cy-Ranch varsity
Maison Bell, Cy-Ranch varsity
Olivia Bowen Tomball Memorial varsity
Ayden Bridges Cy-Creek varsity
Marco Calderon Cy-Creek
Sydney Cannon, Cy-Woods varsity
Adrean Cantebury, Bridgeland junior varsity
Jorge Cantu Bridgeland junior varsity A
Alyssa Cisneros Cy-Ranch varsity
Brody Conley Cy-Ranch varsity
Ian Cormier Cy-Fair varsity
Emily Cotton Cy-Woods junior varsity
Andres Corrales Bridgeland varsity
Joey Correa Cy-Woods junior varsity A
Ava Courtney Bridgeland junior varsity
Faith Cullison Cypress Christian varsity
Meredith Curtis Bridgeland varsity
Luke Delancey Bridgeland junior varsity A
Olivia Delaune Cy-Fair varsity
Kaileigh Duncan Bridgeland varsity
Brandon Duque Cy-Fair varsity
Zach Ellis Bridgeland junior varsity A
Ariana Erickson Tomball Memorial
Ray Escobar Cy-Fair junior varsity A
Matthew Ferguson Cy-Ranch varsity
Karson Funderburke Cy-Ranch varsity
Angel Funez Cy-Fair varsity
Aidan Gaudet Cy- Woods junior varsity A
Jasn Gerow Cy-Ranch varsity
Cassidy Graham Bridgeland junior varsity
Cole Greenberg Cypress Christian varsity
Hope Griffin Bridgeland varsity
Elisa Grillo Bridgeland junior varsity
Katie Grillo Cy-Ranch varsity
Jazmyn Gunthorpe- Tomball Memorial
Jayden Goytia Tomball junior varsity A
Dylan Hall Cy-Fair junior varsity
Noah Herrera Bridgeland junior varsity
Isobel Herrod Klein Oak varsity
Nathan Hitters Cy-Ranch varsity
Preston Huff Cy-Fair varsity
Helaena Hy Cy-Ranch varsity
Makinley Jackson Cy-Falls varsity
Tanner James Cy-Ranch varsity
Claire Juenke Bridgeland junior varsity
Madison Kanelos Bridgeland varsity
Carson Kapp C-Ranch junior varsity
Joshua Kawich Klein Cain varsity
Jack Kelsey Cy-Ranch junior varsity
Hannah Kissamis Concordia varsity
Luciano L’Abbate Jersey Village varsity
Thomas Le Bridgeland junior varsity A
Colette LaCour Cy-Woods varsity
Edward Lewin Cy-Ranch varsity
Meagan Livingston Cy-Woods junior varsity
Ivan Lizcano Tomball Memorial junior varsity A
Andrea Mason Bridgeland junior varsity
Luke Mason Cy-Ranch varsity
Kelly Mauldin Bridgeland varsity
Haley McBride, Cy-Fair varsity
Kyle Messer Bridgeland junior varsity A
Jared Meyer Cy-Ranch junior varsity
Jeffrey Morgan Bridgeland junior varsity A
Jack Newton Cy-Ranch junior varsity B
Samantha Nichols Cy-Woods junior varsity
Kate Nguyen Bridgeland junior varsity
Christian Ornelas Bridgeland varsity
Joshua Perez Cy-Ranch junior varsity
Bailey Peschel Cy-Woods varsity
Sophie Pettus Klein Oak varsity
Belle Pham Cy-Woods junior varsity
Yancy Quijano Cy-Creek
Olivia Rhodes Bridgeland varsity
Vance Richmond Bridgeland junior varsity B
Ryan Riddle Bridgeland varsity
Alex Riley Cy-Woods junior varsity
Ethan Rimbey Cy-Ranch varsity
Taylan Rogers Cy-Falls varsity
Jengo Russell Bridgeland junior varsity
Mya Ryan Cy-Ranch varsity
Maddie Saucedo Cy-Woods varsity
Sydney Schmitt Cy-Ranch varsity
Reese Schmadeke Cy-Woods varsity
Emma Shaw Langham Creek varsity
Gareth Shaw Langham Creek varsity
Maddy Shel Tomball Memorial junior varsity
Oscar Silva Bridgeland junior varsity A
Caleb Sligh Tomball Memorial junior varsity A
Rachel Smith Cypress Christian varsity
Grace Tarantino Cy-Woods junior varsity
Ryan Taylor Bridgeland junior varsity B
Jared Teng Cy-Ranch varsity
Aidan Thomas Tomball Memorial junior varsity
Mya Trager Bridgeland varsity
Nick Trest Cy-Ranch varsity
Isaiah Ulloa Cy-Lakes varsity
Andres Valbuena Cy-Ranch JVA
Brooke Vandemotter Cy-Ranch varsity
Ryleigh Wallace Tomball Memorial varsity
Emma Whitley Cy-Woods junior varsity
Shelby Wiley Tomball varsity
Emily Wilson Bridgeland varsity
Evan Woodward, Bridgeland varsity
Morgan Zachos Cy-Woods varsity
Chris Zepeda Cy-Fair varsity
Amber Zlatich Bridgeland junior varsity
Audrey Zlatich Cy-Ranch varsity

CoachesMemo Feb 8 19 U14B
Dynamos 05B Silver won all four games last weekend in the Calvary Tournament to win the Championship at Veterans' Park in College Station. In the photo, front row (left to right): Manager Scott Lockett, Jordan Duque, Ryan Kent, Jack Reilly, Andy Garcia, Wyatt Hrobar, Kohen Funderburk, Chad Kanke; second row: Calvary Event Director Alex Robinson, Tate Wisener, Mason Hrobar, Jackson Valdez, Kole Smith, Ramsey Sharayha, Hayden Richards, Andrew Lockett, Trainer Dave Hill

2013—High Fives to Goalkeeper Braden (Striker) Mann, who had seven straight shutouts in President’s Cup play as the U16 Dynamos won the South Texas title and reached the semifinals of the Region III championships in Alabama. After yielding no goals in three regional victories, the Dynamos were 0-0 at halftime in the semis before losing 2-0 to North Texas. (Braden currently is a junior at Texas A&M where he has achieved All-America status as a punter and kickoff specialist.)

Oldie But Goodie
Some flies were playing soccer in a saucer, using a lump of sugar as a ball. After a while, the goalkeeper said, “We’ll have to do better than this, lads. We’re playing in the Cup tomorrow.” (Especially for Roli the Goalie, who always gets a laugh from this one!)

Apologies to our loyal keepers, who due to the lighting, or lack of, on scheduled fields, have learned to be alert and shifty-footed to find their trainers on Mondays. This week, Roland moved his Junior and Intermediate combo over to Field 8, and Edgar met the Seniors on Field 6, then trained on Field 2. Both Roli and Edgar reported good sessions. Way to go, Keepers, keep up the good work. . .Among others, readers from England, Japan, California, St. Louis, College Station, and Cypress perused the Dynamos Coaches Memo via Facebook last week. . .Glenn Davis, "Soccer Matters" moderator and frequent soccer play-by-play announcer, participated in the staging of the Houston Sports Awards Wednesday night and had this to say about the experience: “Having moved to Houston in 1984 to play professional soccer for the Houston Dynamos I had no idea what to expect.”

CoachesMemo Feb 8 19 Glenn Davis
Glenn Davis and Bill Worrell
“I fell in love with this city and its people! Houstonians are unique and I am glad to be counted amongst them. Last night's Houston Sports Awards were an amazing combination of honoring, reflecting, and learning. It was full of passion, real emotion (Sante Fe Ladies remarkable) and honoring athletes, teams at all levels. Very prideful to be in a room of former pros and my third career now as a broadcaster amongst those like Bill Worrell and others! Houston pride was everywhere! Jackie Burke Jr., the golfer, A.J. Foyt , George Foreman , and Dan Pastorini wonderful choices to go in the Hall of Fame! Now let’s get the World Cup in 2026 to add to Houston Sports history.” --
If you have items—news, photos, anecdotes—for the Coaches Memo, please email to Deadline for each issue is midnight Wednesday.

“The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably INTEGRITY. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office.”—Coach Dwight D. Eisenhower (contributed by Tom Denton)

At all levels of Cy-Fair training, the coach must realize he is not trying to produce a finished player or impose adult standards on children. The coach cannot use a youth players or team as a vehicle for personal ambition. The coach may be successful by his own standards and his team may win games, but the youth’s best interests may not be served. Team success at early age can be achieved by means which do not require sill. Strength, power, and adult organization can become too important with the result that the player’s inclination toward skill mastery may be repressed. The development of highly organized teams is not necessarily good for a young player’s development. High levels of individual skill, not winning records, should be the coach’s aim.—From “The Cy-Fair Coaching Plan” a document distributed to Select coaches in 1995, the “early years” of the Dynamos

Steve Negoesco, who led the University of San Francisco men’s soccer program to four national titles and 22 conference championships in his 39 seasons as head coach, died Sunday, at 93. Negoesco played fullback at USF in the late 1940s and early ’50s, and took over the program in 1962. The Dons won national titles in 1966, ’75, ’76 and ’80. USF named its soccer facility after Negoesco in 1982. His career record: 540-172-66. In a Chronicle story written just before his retirement in 2000, Negoesco said, “I don’t like to lose. I don’t care about winning; I just don’t like to lose.”—Steve Kroner, San Francisco Chronicle

I don’t mind freedom of speech, muttered Coach Cy Fair, as long as I don’t have to listen to it. Remember that one of the keys to happiness, Coach Flo told her team after a narrow loss, is a bad memory.