Dynamos Select levels are designed for the U11 to U19 competitive players who aim to reach the highest levels of competition. As it is the case at every level within the Dynamos Organization, all field activities (Practices, Games) are run by our Professional, Technical Staff. Players must go through tryouts and be selected in order to participate.

Select Teams train on a year round basis, twice a week for U11-U12's as well as the U13 and older non NPL teams.

U13 to U19 NPL teams train three times a week.

Our teams compete at various levels of competitions. Our U13 and older NPL teams compete in two different competitions throughout the year, the USC and the NPL.

USC (United Soccer Clubs):

Founded and operated by the top professional clubs Directors, the USC consists of the Top Professional clubs in South Texas.

Within the USC, there are several levels of competitions.

     U11-U12: Developmental Playgroups
As scores and standings are recorded, the focus remains player development rather than winning at all cost. The Club Directors will bracket their teams according to each team's level, so that each player competes at a level that is always challenging, but balanced. There are no advancements, playoffs, or Championships in order to maintain a healthy balance of high competitiveness without unnecessary pressure.
     U13-U19: Qualifying
From the U13 age group, going forward, teams compete for seedings through a qualifying process to reach the highest levels within the USC.
Teams winning their flights will promote to the next flight, as those who finish at the bottom will relegate to the lower flight.
Champions League: The top flight in USC. Top teams from the Houston area, compete against the top teams from the Western District. (Austin, San Antonio, etc..) The Champions in   this league qualify for the NPL Nationals Championships in July.
Championship: The top flight within the Houston area clubs.
Cup Play: Through the qualifying, seeding process, teams can qualify for the various Cup Competitions.
- National Cup: Top 8 Champions League Teams. Winner advances to the National Cup Championships in July.
- Regional Cup: Teams ranked 9 to 16 in the USC. Winner advances to the Regionals Championships in June.
- State Cup: Teams ranked 17 to 24 in the USC.


The NPL is a competition designed for the Top Dynamos teams at the U13 and older age group. The NPL consists of four of the top clubs from the Houston area, as well as four of the top clubs from the North area. (Dallas, and Oklahoma). The winner advances to the NPL Championships in July.


College Assistance Program: As our players reach a certain age, we educate, and assist our aspiring players in the College Recruiting Process. Through Educational material, workshops, we provide each Family with all the tools necessary to achieve these players goals beyond their soccer years. Our teams attend various College Showcases, we also run many clinics with College Coaches at our own facility to maximize our players exposure. Our ratio in regards to graduating seniors obtaining a College Scholarship though our program is one of the highest in South Texas.