The Keeper! Club provides regular training at Dyess Park for boys and girls interested in improving their skills for the position of goalkeeper.  For those 10 years and younger, Junior Keepers provides a weekly training session to learn fundamentals and skills necessary to play the position.
(11 yrs & older): $100.00 for Dynamos and CFYSC members,
$200.00 if not a member of the Dynamos or CFYSC.
Junior Keepers (Beginners 10 yrs & younger): $50.00
Please encourage all keepers to join this program!
MONDAYS - U10/11/12 - 5:30 - 6:45 PM
MONDAYS - U13/14/15 - 6:45 - 8:00 PM
THURSDAYS - U13/14/15 & OLDER - 5:30 - 6:45 PM

The Keeper Club is the Dynamos' built-in support system for goalkeepers. Weekly sessions to learn and implement skills for this special position are conducted by veteran goalkeeper trainers Jim Walker, Roland Sikinger, and Eddie Bloise.

This unique training program was started in 1993 by Jim Walker, who despite retiring as Director of Training for the Dynamos in 2001, has trained keepers on a continuous basis since origination of the Keeper Club.  Roland Sikinger, a former U.S. Olympic and professional keeper, conducts the Monday Junior Keepers sessions, and Eddie Bloise, an ex-professional keeper in Argentina, oversees Monday Intermediate Keepers sessions and Thursday Senior Keepers sessions.

'Our goalkeepers have plenty of role models,' says Coach Walker. 'The camaraderie, within their group and with guest trainers we bring in, is almost as important as the training.” Boys and girls who want to excel at this special position find knowledgeable people who will discuss the position without laying blame on them, and other goalkeepers with whom they can share problems and success stories. The main goal is to challenge them to technical and tactical improvement so they can help their teams, but the training environment enables those with exceptional talent to reach their highest potential. At training sessions, young goalkeepers are urged to strive toward becoming 'perfect within their range,' to make decisions that enable them to collect the ball in the most efficient manner possible, and to put forth the effort to execute all saves with proper technique. Through hard work at training and daily practice, they slowly but steadily extend their range and take on more advanced techniques.

In the summer, there is a fitness and technique program for boys and girls 14 years and older, designed specifically for those keepers playing in high school and college.

For additional information about the Keeper Club, e-mail, or call 281-217-1612.